About Us

Return your body, mind, and spirit back to its natural state of balance

The Garden Acupuncture and Holistic Centre is a wellness clinic completely devoted to the practice of returning the body, mind, and spirit back to its natural state of balance by way of different healing modalities.

Our treatment philosophy revolves around the theory that the body is capable of curing itself when given the appropriate means of support and encouragement.

By reinforcing the body’s natural ability to heal itself, our practice provides much more than the typical “band-aid” therapy. Instead, what we work to provide is a gateway to inner change and transformation that will not only be sustainable, but will teach the patient’s body to thrive off the fire of its own natural vibrancy.

It is our belief that each whisper of intention plants a seed of unearthed potential longing to be awakened. Let us help you in growing the garden of your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions


I’m new to Acupuncture and am nervous about needles. What should I know before I make an appointment?

Firstly, it’s important to know that it is completely normal to be a little nervous about the needles when coming in for your first acupuncture treatment! 

At The Garden, patient comfort is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we only use the highest grade acupuncture needles with added silicone to create the most gentle experience possible. To add to your comfort, all our practitioners within the clinic use a softer needling technique, making the process one of calm and relaxation. 

***Our trained practitioners will teach you what a needle “should” feel like, and will be checking in with you to make sure that none of the needles feel uncomfortable, so that you can have a peaceful experience within the walls of our clinic. 

When practicing acupuncture, we have many different treatment modalities such as acupressure, cupping, ear seeds, gua sha, moxibustion and laser therapy. If you are still feeling unsure about the use of needles, we can still treat you using a combination of these modalities!  


How do I know who to see?

The simplest way to choose a practitioner is to browse our Staff Profile section to get a sense of which practitioner you connect with and feel will be the right fit for you. Based on their chosen areas of specializations/ expertise, treatment modalities and overall vibe, most potential patients get a strong sense of who they would like to team up with. 

However, if you are still uncertain about which practitioner is right for you, please connect with us through the contact page, and we will work to find you the perfect fit!


Will my appointments be covered by my insurance provider?

We always encourage our patients to check in with their insurance  provider in advance to become aware of the exact amounts that will be covered per treatment and a total sum for the year. Based on the issues you are looking to have treated, we then work together to create a wellness plan that works with your benefits/ insurance coverage while utilizing your funds to the best of your advantage.