What you need to know about Nervines

by Heather B.

April 1, 2023

Adaptogens may still be having their moment, but the next big thing in Herbal Medicine to be brought to the masses will be NERVINES.

For the over-stimulated, coffee-chugging, fast-paced modern World in which we live, there is no better classification of herbs to support us in our endeavors than nervines. 

Yes, adaptogenic herbs have gotten all the attention lately due to their ability to help us “adapt” to the stress in our lives. This is achieved by moderating our adrenal response, but the sneaky undercurrent of this is while we are being cushioned by these herbs, it is easy to continue burning the candle at both ends. Not only do we have to manage our everyday stress, but we also have to calm our overactive nervous systems. 

Don’t get me wrong, folks! I love me some Eleuthero Root, Schisandra, Rhodiola and Ashwaganda for the ways in which they fortify my body, improve my focus and give me Superwoman-like energy. Medicinal mushrooms and Astragalus? They’ve been total gamechangers in bolstering my immunity. 

But what is it that we are REALLY craving? What are our taxed-out minds and haggard bodies screaming for that nervines can provide? 

Their very direct and specific action to chill us the eff out. This is the innate spiritual lesson of these plants.

True to their name, nervines are a class of herbs that work by supporting and replenishing the nervous system. Like a mystical unicorn that lives deep in the woods, the magical plant energy of nervines has remained largely unseen by the general population, save for the herbalists that love and rely on their inner alchemy. 

Let’s explore some of my favorites; 

Oats (Avena Sativa) -using two parts of the same plant

-Milky Oat Tops (aka: the seeds in their milky stage)

Restorative and nourishing, milky oat tops is specific for those feeling overly anxious, depressed or close to burnout due to chronic stress. If you are living in the addictive pattern of “go, go, go” and are feeling physically and emotionally exhausted, oat tops will literally change your world. 

Nicknamed “a bath for the nervous system,” it soothes an over-stimulated mind and body, helping you feel more calm, present and aware of your surroundings. It’s gently stimulating effects create an energy that feels like that of a post-run or workout. Clear, strong and ready to take on the world. 

Best taken as a tincture 2-3x/ day. 

-Dried Oatstraw (aka: the “stalk”)

Dried oatstraw steeps our tissues in moisture and hydration, while restoring precious minerals and mood-stabilizing/easily depleted B-vitamins. Acting as a beautiful coffee substitute, oatstraw gives you a fresh, bright energy without the sketchy effects of caffeine. It is also an intense fortifier of hair, nails and collagen, restoring a healthy glow and plumping our skin (and who wouldn’t be into this, ladies, amiright?) 

Oatstraw works best taken as a daily nutritive tonic in the form of an infusion or tea.

Oatstraw Infusion Recipe: 

Take ¼ dried oatstraw and place in a quart-sized mason jar. Fill with boiling water. Screw on the cap of the mason jar and leave the infusion on the counter for a few hours, or for a stronger medicine, leave overnight. In the morning, strain out the dried herb. Your infusion will stay fresh in the fridge up to 48 hours.

My favourite way to drink it is to add some water to my infusion and sweeten it using natural flavourings like wild mint, cucumber, berries, lemon or honey. Drink 2 cups of infusion/ day hot or cold. 

Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora) 

Anxious? Panic attacks? Insomnia? Then Skullcap is your girl. After years struggling with crushing anxiety and debilitating panic attacks in my early twenties, Skullcap served as a trusted friend and ally. Keeping a small tincture on me at all times in case of emergency gave me a sense of safety, while it’s continued use served to de-escalate my reactive tendency towards fight or flight after years of prolonged stress. 

One of the benefits of skullcap is its ability to regulate a sense of calm and relaxation without causing drowsiness. It’s gentle enough to take all day, adding a double dose at night if there is insomnia present. 

It’s also antispasmodic, meaning that it relaxes tense muscle tissue. If you find yourself clenching your jaw, getting tension headaches or cannot seem to relax your body at night, combine skullcap and magnesium 1 hour before bed. 

For those dealing with circular, repetitive and obsessive thought patterns with a tendency towards fear and anxiousness, Skullcap is unmatched. 

Fresh tincture or capsules tend to work best. 

Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) 

Labeled in the herbal world as “Sunshine in a Bottle,” Lemon Balm chases away feelings of depression and uplifts the Spirit. While it is gentle enough for use with babies and young children, it retains its effectiveness in alleviating sadness, depression, night terrors and overly-reactive emotional responses. With its gorgeous smell and pleasant taste, making a tea is a truly joyful experience that brings with it a calm and happy energy. 

Being a member of the mint family, lemon balm is a Rockstar when it comes to aiding digestion. Abdominal cramping, nausea, sluggish digestion and gas are all relieved by this tasty plant medicine, making it a perfect fit for you if your stress and/or anxiety is coupled with stomach issues. 

Lemon Balm works well in tincture or encapsulated form, but for tummy upset such as IBS, ulcerative colitis or Crohns, daily infusions using the recipe above works best to soothe the stomach and intestines. 

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) 

We all know that even just the smell of lavender is enough to entice a more present and relaxed state. 

Sensory touches of lavender are a divine application. Using lavender essential oil on the skin or inhaling its scent, small sachets of dried lavender under your pillow or even noshing on a few lavender cookies are a lovely way to create a sense of calm. 

I hope this article inspires you to bring a sense of calm and serenity into your life with the magical world of nervine tonics. 

With green blessings, 


Heather Bracken, H.H.P., R. Ac.

Heather it the owner of The Garden Holistic as well as Acupuncturist, Holistic Health & Reiki Practitioner. Specializing in mental health, women’s health & chakra-based Acupuncture and Reiki exploration.

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Outside of work Hannah enjoys spending time with her dog, working out at the gym, and anything selfcare related.



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Kristie Bennett, Registered Provisional Psychologist

About Kristie:

As a Registered Provisional Psychologist, Kristie specializes in grief and loss, women’s mental health and relationship issues. She brings a compassionate, emotion-focused approach to her sessions, rooted in evidence-based practices tailored to address her client’s unique circumstances. Kristie has additional training in mindfulness, positive psychology practices, and goal setting to help her clients increase life meaning and happiness. Her goal is to not only help her clients overcome painful internal struggles, but empower them to create their best life.

The loss of her mother in 2015 was a pivotal moment in her life. Struggling with the pain and devastation of grief, Kristie became certified as a Grief Recovery Specialist and Funeral Celebrant, to support others experiencing loss. Through her own experience and her work, Kristie developed a deep respect of heartbreak and pain. Her deepest desire is that your story will be heard and truly honoured in your time together.

Kristie is also trained in the Gottman Method and Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy (EFCT). Both provide a roadmap for helping couples compassionately manage conflict, deepen friendship and intimacy, and share their life purpose and dreams. Additionally, Kristie specializes in helping couples navigate the mental load of running a household and family.

Away from the therapy room, Kristie loves to spend time with her husband, three adult daughters, and extended family. She likes nature walks with her dogs and exploring the city’s coffee shops. Kristie is a lifelong learner, and is often found reading a book, listening to a podcast, or taking an online course.

Currently Offering:

  • Adult Therapy: $185.00/ 50 mins
  • Couples Therapy: $200/ 50 mins
  • Family Therapy: $200.00/ 50 mins

Mina Michalowska, RMT, Rapid NFR Specialist, Energy Work practitioner 

About Mina:

Mina’s background includes a Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy and a diploma in Massage Therapy. After years of treatment focusing on her clients’ physical bodies and listening to their stories, she’s realized that addressing the energetic body and re-connecting the body and mind is crucial in order for true healing to happen. Physical symptoms are messages from our bodies to our conscious mind and Mina’s goal is to try to help her clients find that communication line.

Her treatments combine elements of nervous system regulation, somatic release, RAPID NFR and energy work. Addressing both the physical and energetic body is what allows the body to regain a sense of safety within itself, and allows release of stagnant energy and emotions that lead to physical symptoms. Mina strives to provide a truly safe and judgment-free space that allows her clients to meet themselves with grace and curiosity.

When not working with clients, Mina is often expanding her knowledge in all things nervous system regulation, somatic work, Rapid NFR, holistic health and spirituality related. She’ll talk your ear off about the incredible engineering feat that is your body, as well as geek out over oracle cards, messages from spirit and all things witchy. She is an urban homesteader and loves making all things from soap to sauerkraut, so ask her if you need any good recipes.

Rapid NFR and Energy Clearing is a combination of somatic meditation, Rapid NFR fascial techniques and energy work that addresses any physical pain, energetic blocks and helps you re-establish a connection with your body. The nature of fascial work provides quick and long-lasting pain relief, and combining that with nervous system regulation and energetic clearing lets your body let go of anything that doesn’t serve anymore.

Denae Dobko, Registered Provisional Psychologist

About Denae:

As a Registered Provisional Psychologist, Denae is present to walk alongside your pains and joys towards a more authentic and empowered you. She wants to hear your reason for seeking therapy, bear witness to your experience, and work together in achieving your desired future. Her therapeutic space is grounded in values of love, respect, truth, joy, and health. Her therapeutic practice is holistic and she believes that healing the mind, body, and heart happens together. She works from a humanistic and bio-psycho-social-spiritual orientation and pulls from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Internal Family Systems, Solution- Focused, Narrative Therapy, Nature-based Therapy, and Art Therapy. Denae welcomes the opportunity to work with people from all identities and backgrounds, in- person, on-line, or walking in nature. She lived in Mexico as teenager and continues to hold Latino culture in her heart and can work in Spanish upon request. She values self-actualization and living a good life, helping others, and living in harmony with nature. In her free time, Denae is practicing yoga, camping, hiking, gardening, painting, and spending time with family and friends.

Anya Nykolaychuk, RMT

About Anya:

Anya has been practicing massage therapy since graduating from MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy in 2016. While her technique as a massage therapist is best described as a combination of relaxation and therapeutic techniques, her overall approach with clients is collaborative and trauma-informed to ensure that clients are receiving care that reflects their needs.

In addition to traditional massage techniques, Anya is also certified in Rapid Neurofascial Reset and has taken additional training in Trauma-Informed Coaching and ADHD Coaching, which informs her ability to provide a safe and inclusive environment.

Outside of the clinic, you can find Anya on a hiking trail, learning a new skill on a whim (like cooking, or photography, or improv, or….!!), and spending time with her friends and family

Lisa Wheeler, RMT

About Lisa:

As a Graduate from M.H. Vicars, Lisa works closely with her patients to support them in reaching their personal health and wellness goals. In utilizing her growing list of massage techniques and various treatment modalities, Lisa offers her patients a therapeutic approach paired with continuing assessment and homecare practices, which work towards helping her clients achieve pain relief in and outside of the treatment room.

Lisa has also been a trained esthetician for over a decade, having graduated from the European Institute of Esthetics in 2011. Lisa’s education then brought her to work with the world-renowned skincare brand Aveda for 6 years, eventually working as the Team Lead at the Edmonton Aveda Academy on Whyte Avenue.

Along with offering Therapeutic Massage, Lisa has also customized specialized skincare services through our clinic using the all-natural, all-organic brand Communion Botanicals, based out of Nelson, B.C. Not only does Lisa offer luxurious facials through The Garden, but she has also created a unique and highly coveted blend of Therapeutic Massage and Skincare Combinations, bringing a relaxed and spa-like vibe to our clinic space.

Away from a therapeutic setting, Lisa can often be found camping, hiking, taking online history/paleontology courses and taking continuing education courses to remain a dedicated therapist.

Samantha Mertler, RMT

About Samantha:

Samantha completed 2200hrs of training from MH Vicars in 2016. After training in both Therapeutic and Swedish techniques, Samantha then expanded her practice to include Fire Cupping and Chi Nei Tsang.

Treatments are crafted with an open mind and a holistic style that reflects your needs. Whether it is soothing your nervous system using Relaxation Massage, tackling old injuries, or working with chronic tension through the use of Therapeutic Massage and Fire Cupping, Samantha’s diverse skill set has got you covered. Samantha also specializes in Chi Nei Tsang, an abdominal-base massage that deepens internal awareness and addresses issues related to the abdomen such as digestive disorders, endometriosis, scarring, etc.

Samantha is most interested in the interplay between stress, emotions, posture habits, energy and pain within our bodies, getting curious around aspects in which her clients numb out, or when they have a habit of staying entirely in their mind during the day.

Reading and learning about trauma, somatics, focused awareness practices, Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and energy work is what constantly evolves her practice.

Out of the clinic you can find Samantha with her four kids, gardening/earthing or reading.

Selina Streahorn RMT

Email: selinasrmt@yahoo.com | Instagram 

About Selina:

Selina graduated from Medix college in 2014 in Ontario before moving out to Alberta. She has been in practice since, honing her skills and focusing around fire cupping, deep tissue therapy and learning Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal massage). Her practice is more focused on intentional release work, and working with the client to be more mindful of how they use their body throughout the day and the impact this has on their well-being long term.

Dr. Laura Meadwell

Email: meadwellacupuncture@gmail.com | Instagram 

About Dr. Laura:

Laura recently graduated from the Acupuncture program at MacEwan University, and is excited to dive into her career here at The Garden Acupuncture and Holistic Centre. She has a background of biological sciences before finding her passion in acupuncture and traditional
Chinese medicine. 

Laura believes in working on all facets of health in order to become the best possible version of oneself. She has taken an interest in women’s health, digestive health and musculoskeletal pain. Laura has a passion for helping others, and loves to see her patient’s thrive with the help of acupuncture, but believes that healing must come from within. She is a proponent for collaboration when it comes to acupuncture treatments, as the patient knows their own body best.

Kiera Gadallah, R. Ac

About Kiera:

Kiera recently graduated from the Acupuncture Program at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton, AB. Throughout studying Traditional Chinese Medicine for the past three years, she has taken a special interest in women’s health, mental health, and digestive disorders.

Kiera supports individuals in connecting with their mind, body, and spirit. She is passionate about helping patients navigate the ever-changing aspects of their lives while maintaining harmony and balance within.

Outside of the clinic, Kiera can be found with her nose in a book, camping and kayaking, and exploring the outdoors with her dog Freddy.

Heather Bracken, H.H.P., R. Ac.

About Heather:

By promoting an attitude of internal awareness, personal discovery and self-care, it is her ambition to support others in achieving their goals and reach their highest potential on all levels.

With over 6 years of combined educational studies at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta and two diploma programs under her belt, Heather is certified as a Registered Acupuncturist, Holistic Health Practitioner (specializing in Western Herbology) and Reiki Master. Having practiced in the alternative healthcare field for over 15 consecutive years, Heather works in combining her modalities to create unique and specialized treatment sessions for each one of her patients.

With over 6 years of combined educational studies at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta and two diploma programs under her belt, Heather is certified as a Registered Acupuncturist, Holistic Health Practitioner (specializing in Western Herbology) and Reiki Master. Having practiced in the alternative healthcare field for over 15 consecutive years, Heather works in combining her modalities to create unique and specialized treatment sessions for each one of her patients.

Heather’s mantra serves as her life’s purpose; to encourage, support and empower individuals along their chosen path towards better health and well-being by facilitating the body’s natural ability to heal. By promoting an attitude of internal awareness, personal discovery and self-care, it is her ambition to support others in achieving their goals and reach their highest potential on all levels. Heather believes that disease is not to be viewed as a conditional life sentence, but rather as an imbalance within the mind, body and Spirit that can be corrected and brought back into a state of balance and harmony.

One of the foundational components of Heather’s practice is the study of neuroscience and neuroplasticity aka: the inner workings of the nervous system and the inherent ability of neurons (or nerve cells in the brain) to adapt to injury, disease or disharmony such as chronic stress, addiction, anxiety, depression, etc… by restructuring and rewiring themselves to stimulate healing and recovery. With enough willingness, perseverance and dedication, it is Heather’s unwavering belief that the ability to heal is always possible.

Heather’s areas of specialization include Mental Health, Metabolic Disorders, Gynecology/ Obstetrics and Esoteric (Chakra-Based and Spirituality-Minded) Acupuncture.