December’s Frost New Moon in Capricorn

by Heather B.

December 23, 2022

December 23rd, 2022

As stabilizing and determined Capricorn steadfastly charges her way through the darkness whilst preparing to bring her aspirations and goals to life, the blind faith she carries with her of her own strength and assuredness is wildly inspiring – which is why Capricorn makes such a good leader, manifestor and Creatrix of everything she sets her heart on.

Many think that she is a rule follower, but her bravery, her conviction and her unwavering belief in her dreams and what is right will push her to be self-integral, even if in the end it means shaking up the system or breaking some rules along the way.

Charging through the Winter Solstice on Dec 21st and then arriving at tonight’s New Moon on Dec 23rd, Capricorn has been propelling herself forth to now arrive at a place that can be a bit perplexing for her (if she does not know how to utilize it properly). Capricorn is a do-er. But, what if the “doing” is actually in the inner work of the listening, the self-exploration, the discernment and the planning?

Winter Solstice AND New Moon, especially December’s Frost Moon, circles around Yin Energy – the cold, the darkness, the silence, the solitude, the hunkering down, the meditation, the sleep, etc… It is the complete opposite of Yang’s energy to move and to do. However, if we challenge ourselves to look a little deeper into the night of our Souls, into what is hidden beneath the rush of the everyday, there is much work to be done…

What “work” do you do when you are resting? Can you be receptive, thoughtful, meditative and slow, while also being intentional, focused and disciplined?

Our society tells us that in order to be valuable, in order to be of service, to be respectable, that we always need to be productive.

But what about the work of “LISTENING?”

What about the work of “RECEIVING?”

What about the deeply important work of making and laying plans to achieve our goals?

According to Astrologer Nina Khan, “At the time of December’s new moon, a whopping five planets will be clustered together in Capricorn, creating what’s known in astrology as a stellium. This planetary pile-up greatly amplifies the influence of Capricorn’s grounded and ambitious energy on the new moon, making it even more supportive of setting focused goals and creating stepping stones toward your long-term plans.

The spiritual meaning of this new moon is about preparing yourself for success, so it’s an ideal time to begin laying out some of the groundwork for your objectives. But once you sit down to really consider what you want to manifest under this new moon, your true desires might surprise you — and that’s thanks to the value-oriented planet Venus harmonizing with the unpredictable planet Uranus. This aspect encourages people to follow their hearts, even if it seems to be pulling them in an unconventional or unexpected direction. Under this new moon, you might very well readjust your sails and have a sudden revelation about what’s actually worth working toward.

Perhaps the most important lunar aspect taking place is the new moon’s connection with the larger-than-life planet Jupiter, which inspires individuals to think bigger and bolder as they visualize their future goals. Alongside the new moon, the mental planet Mercury is vibing with dreamy Neptune, sprinkling just the right amount of rosy idealism over your practical Capricorn-kissed mindset. With discipline and focus,you can truly reach extraordinary heights. Just remember to keep both feet on the ground, and balance out your zealous idealism with a healthy dose of down-to-earth realism.

“Respectfully borrowed from Nina Khan”

This is a poem written for all of us. Those who are doing the work of digging into our old patterns, our traumas, our reactivity and leaning into healing through our dark nights of the Soul.

Out from the Darkness, and into the Light.

Namaste, my Friends.

Winter’s Healing

Go digging for your buried pain

Lost deep beneath the snow

Like flecks of coal

Our patterns old

Just praying to be let go

Breathe in strong the frozen air

Let the flakes dance with your lungs

Although it hurts

Our hearts won’t burst

The words roll right off our tongues

Let us speak our Truth tonight

Our words glide upon the frost

Build a sacred pyre

Then light the fire

Burn down all we feel we’ve lost

The ashes dance in morning’s light

See the wind catch them up and run

The ashes drift away

But still you stay

Held in the warmth of Winter’s Sun


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