October’s New Moon in Scorpio

by Heather B.

October 25, 2022

October 25th, 2022

Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

“Holding on is believing that there’s only a past; letting go is knowing that there’s a future.”

– Daphne Rose Kingma

The nature of Scorpio and its seasons has a reputation for being intense, passionate and a gatekeeper of dark, shadowy energies. Throw a partial solar eclipse in there, as well as a retrograde only a few days later, and we are now fully revved up for some wild energy! This Scorpio New Moon brings up a very strong focus on the past – exploring it, revisiting it and working within its energies to transform and align for the future.

Excerpt below respectfully borrowed from Elizabeth Gulino, Refinery29.

During this time, we need to ask ourselves if there are any energies, habits, situations, or people that we’re ready to let go of and move on from — this is a necessary step because “we must first have space to fill before we can call in something fresh and new,” says Campos. This eclipse invites us to purge what no longer serves us, and although scary, it can be beneficial to be ruthless here. The only way we can move forward with ease is if we cut off any dead weight that has been dragging us down.

Iva Naskova, astrologer at the Nebula app, says that the partial eclipse is happening on the Lunar South Node, which symbolizes our karmic past.

“Therefore, this new moon in Scorpio is an ideal time to deal with repressed negative emotions from the past, such as fear, anger, pain, and grief,” she says. “It can be a dark and challenging time, but it is the only way to move forward and allow new beginnings to take place in your life.”

The new moon solar eclipse is also aligning with Venus in Scorpio — and, a Venus Star Point occurs on October 22, which Montúfar says will tone down the intensity by bringing in a sense of harmony and peace. “Being that the Venus Star Point next year will be in Scorpio, aspecting the same portion of the sky, it’s best to make decisions about relationships, love, creativity, and money,” says Lisa Stardust, astrologer and author of The Love Deck. Focus on these aspects of your life during this transformational time — what do you want to change? What do you want to continue moving forward with? The energy here is potent, so don’t miss out on using it to your advantage to help move things along (or stop them dead in their tracks).

Naskova agrees, and says that under this aspect, we need to be prepared to experience intense and mixed emotions. “Secrets can come out on the surface, so it will be helpful to be as honest as possible with the people you love and care about,” she says. “Intimacy and trust issues threaten to test your relationships. Nevertheless, you should listen to your heart and try not to rush out with your judgments.” Trusting our intuition under this new moon is key here — although our feelings may be all over the place, it’s important to keep a clear head.

During the eclipse, Mars in Gemini will be separating from a square with Neptune in Pisces, causing sacrifice and confusion to linger in the air. “It’s as if we’ve overidealized a situation and are hoping for a specific outcome. But eventually the fog will lift and there is the potential to be disappointed with what we see,” Campos says. “The eclipse may ask us to reflect on our relationship with reality versus illusion and how those two concepts exist within our closest ties.”

Excerpt below respectfully borrowed from Astrofly Insights (instagram)

What does the sky advise us about this Scopio new moon solar eclipse of 2022?

We understand that we must prepare ourselves to slowly let go of deep, old emotions, memories, or something which we feel strongly for but it’s better for us to say goodbye. This is to make room for a new material reality which we sense is taking shape, new, fresh, growing.

We may be struggling with some responsibilities which feel heavy, but we understand and adjust.

Next to the Moon is beautiful, helpful Venus to encourage passion and commitment. She has deep desires, but does not like to ask; however this lunation is ruled by Mars in Gemini, who reminds us to speak and act, make a good plan, exploring different options through words and ideas.

Mars appears to go backwards for a while in the sky: it is better not to act in haste, but be patient, allow time and space for new information, in case we revise our plan. This new moon we prepare by getting ready to let go so we can make room to receive. Abundance is waiting patiently for us, if only we can make space in our perceptions and our hearts to receive it!


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