September’s New Moon in Libra

by Heather B.

September 26, 2022

September 26th, 2022

Riding right on the heels of the Fall Equinox, September’s new moon in Libra carries with it a super-charged energy of fresh starts and new beginnings.

While each new moon that graces the night sky symbolizes a sense of renewal, the shift in intensity that the equinox brings makes it that much more powerful, carrying along with it strong themes of:

Balance, Harmony and the Equaling of the Scales.

As the Fall Equinox transitions us into equal daytime and nighttime hours, this influential energy merges perfectly with Libra’s urge for us to explore the concept of balance in our lives.

What feels unbalanced or out of proportion in my life?
How might I need to tip the scales in order to establish a greater balance?
Where in my life am I feeling weighed down?
What actions can I take to reestablish the balance?

We carry a duality in all of us by way of our human nature. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, this is explained within the concept of Yin and Yang, each needing the other to survive.

Yin and Yang are mutually dependent partners in life. Fire will inevitably require water, daytime will inevitably flow into night and as we are human beings living out our spiritual experience here on this Earth, we therefore also inevitably float between the two.

We cannot work too hard for too long without rest or replenishment, otherwise our fires eventually burn out. At the same time, we can’t just lay stagnant and sleep all day, otherwise we lose the fire and motivation that propels us forward.

Every interaction on this earth, be it within ourselves, within our individual relationships, within our home, our work, our families… all require an equal balance of yin and yang (water vs. fire, darkness vs. light, etc…) to survive.

Once we understand that Nature’s law of balance lends itself to all things, the more we can work within these energies to create and establish the kind of healthy balance we wish to see in our lives.


Exciting Clinic Updates!

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-What Treatments/ Services would I like to prioritize in order to reach my health and wellness goals or maintain my self care program?

-Spend some time investigating how much coverage you and your family members have left in every category, such as Massage, Acupuncture, Psychology Sessions, etc…Staying informed and knowledgeable about the insurance coverage you have allows you to really optimize and organize your appointments.

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Thank you SO MUCH for your patience and understanding as we’ve worked to get this massive project off the ground!

With the combination of shipping delays and navigating low stock inventory for our specialized esthetic machinery, we’ve unfortunately had to push our Cosmetic Acupuncture Launch into the last week of September, but do not worry…

To all of you who have been SOOOOOO excited to experience these luxurious Skincare and Acupuncture Treatments, if you are on our pre-launch list, thank you and we will be connecting with you next week to pre-book your appointments into October (and even for the rest of the calendar year if you prefer!)

Not on our Cosmetic Acupuncture Pre-Launch List?

Please respond to this email letting us know you would like to be added:)

Heather Bracken, H.H.P., R. Ac.

Heather it the owner of The Garden Holistic as well as Acupuncturist, Holistic Health & Reiki Practitioner. Specializing in mental health, women’s health & chakra-based Acupuncture and Reiki exploration.

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