What Fall can Teach us about our Health and Wellness

by Heather B.

October 19, 2020

This last year has been rough. There’s no getting around that. Workplace adjustments, homeschooling adventures, higher levels of stress and for many, a generalized, slow-burning anxiety as life within the pandemic marched on, continuing to challenge us as a collective and as a community. 

The good news? With autumn now inching its way around the corner, we’ve discovered the true depths of how resilient and adaptable we really are. As the leaves start to turn, we are left with a renewed sense of hope that we’ve been through the worst and that the best is yet to come. The air somehow feels fresher, the energy, a bit lighter.  

As we say goodbye to the dog days of summer and start settling into a routine, many of us start to crave nature’s same discipline and preparation in our own lives. The urge to “ground” and make plans are felt in our very bones at this time of year, subconsciously propelling us towards healthier and supportive ways of being. We find ourselves making plans to “turn over a new leaf” to start exercising again, eat cleaner, less processed foods or finally get our butts out of bed a few minutes earlier to do a calming morning meditation before the craziness of the day kicks in. 

From a Health and Wellness perspective, Fall is an especially potent time of year to ask yourself, “what am I wanting to add in, what am I wanting to let go of, and what am I willing to do to get myself there?” It’s Mother Nature’s time to cleanse away what no longer serves us, and make plans for the winter ahead. Looking at your health from a “Holistic” standpoint, (one in which we take a multifaceted view of the whole individual – physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual attributes) getting clear on your wellness goals leads you to feeling inspired, engaged and committed to yourself and your selfcare on a whole new level! 

I always say to my patients looking to make changes, “So now that you are ready, what tools are you going to load up in your toolbox?” Basically, how are you going to accomplish this? What tools are you going to resource yourself with to be successful and stay committed? Who is your support tribe of professionals/ practitioners, family, friends or community that are going to help keep you accountable and on target? 

Tools for Physical Health: 

Regular Exercise, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Massage, Chiropractics, Naturopathy, Healthy Diet, Vitamins/ Supplements, Herbal Medicine, Restful Sleep 

Tools for Mental/ Emotional Health: 

Talk Therapy, Psychology, Healthy/ Supportive Relationships, Community, Reducing Stress, Reading/ Podcasts, Time Spent with Loved Ones 

Tools for Spiritual Health: 

Cultivating a Meditation Practice, Breathing Exercises, Daily Chillout/ Reset Time Spent in Solitude to Recharge, Practicing Gratitude 
Whatever Health and Wellness tools you decide to load up in YOUR toolbox this Fall, know that you got this, and that added support is always just around the corner!

Heather Bracken, H.H.P., R. Ac.

Heather it the owner of The Garden Holistic as well as Acupuncturist, Holistic Health & Reiki Practitioner. Specializing in mental health, women’s health & chakra-based Acupuncture and Reiki exploration.

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